Christina Forlano

Is a mother of two who abruptly left her marriage to preserve her self respect.  The events that unfolded left her shattered and broken, and she didn’t recognize the woman she saw in the mirror.  She entered her marriage sassy, healthy and confident, but now she felt fearful and powerless.


Living abroad at the time, Christina returned to the US to obtain the support of her family and friends. She knew she could not get through this difficult time without being surrounded by love. Shortly after her return, her young son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  Her world seemed to be falling apart before her eyes.  Christina felt lost for several months, but remained hopeful as she has always believed “everything happens for a reason.”


Christina’s journey then brought her the opportunity to work directly with an Emotional Intelligence expert.  Learning Emotional Intelligence helped Christina process the pain quickly, heal and grow, leading to an empowered state of clarity in her life.  The power of Emotional Intelligence has enabled her to turn her pain into purposeful work.


Christina now speaks sharing her story with others, so that they can find hope and strength in her journey.  She also coaches women empowering them to emerge confidently from life transitions.  She believes every situation contains wisdom and is an opportunity to learn and grow.

You can find inspiration on her blog.

She feels grateful that her life has taken this twist, as it has enabled her to grow, learn, and transform her truth.