Is this you

Divorce/ Broken marriage. 

Is your marriage broken?  Do you recognize the women in the mirror? 

Often times as women we throw ourselves into our marriage, our children, and our career, and along the way that sense of self disappears.  The woman looking back in the mirror is unrecognizable.  The confidence is gone, we are stretched thin, as we are not taking care of ourselves.   There might be a pretty picture of us “having it together” on the outside, but we are a mess on the inside.  You want to cry.  We appear happy, and given that not too much is wrong you can’t understand why.   You just want to take a long nap and get away from it all.  Maybe God is giving you a wakeup call.  The cards being dealt seem out of your control.  You feel lost, and just want to feel happy and get your life back on track.   

The path back to you is to start mastering yourself.  Finding you again, what makes you tick.  Start growing again.   When you take care of you, everything will fall into place.  By becoming emotionally intelligent, positive changes will start to happen in your life…nothing will hold you back.  The right relationships will blossom.  Health will flourish.  Wealth will increase.  Life will be abundant and positive.  Everything will be in synch. Your personal growth will accelerate which will bring fulfillment and happiness.

Sick Child

Life is humming along or maybe you are already in crisis mode as these things never come at a good time.  Your precious child gets diagnosed with with a disease, an allergy, something life-changing.  Life as you know it changes.  Your attention now shifts to the situation at hand.  You research everything.  Life seems to be on hold as you are the primary care giver.  You are heart broken that your baby has to deal with this condition.  You cry and are asking why? Why?   You don’t have answers.  You feel weak from all you have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Rest assured everything that happens in life is there for us to learn and grow.  It might not seem fair, but good will come out of it.  Maybe your learning will help others.  Maybe it is developing coping skills for your child.  There will be good, even when we don’t see it.  We just need to trust.  Just like they tell you on the plane, you need to put your own oxygen mask first before you can help others. If you are not taking the best care of yourself, you wont be able to care for you beloved baby in the best way.  Staying strong in you will, help you be the best mother and care giver to your child.  Support yourself, so you can best support the rest of your family. 


Has life taken you state to state or country to country?  One day your support network is there, the next day it is gone.  You are not near your family.  You feel alone.  You now only feel connected via texts, phone calls, and social media.  The in person support is no longer present.  Distance alters the dynamic. 

Maintaining your support network is vital to your emotional health.   Your tribe will build you up, and support you in good times and bad.   They are your cheerleaders.  They make you laugh when you need to, they are a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand when needed. 

There are simple tools to maintain connections.  Becoming stronger in your self will allow you to maintain and build your support even if it is from afar.  The stronger you will make new connections where ever you are located.  You will be more confident.  You will set boundaries to keep out the toxic people, and bring in the positive people. 

Milestone Life Transitions….College to real world….getting marriage, having a baby.

Is something in your life changing?  Does this transition scare you?  Are you afraid of being the only one in your situation?  Is fear holding you back from being the best you?   

I have lived all of these situations.  Good, bad, super ugly, heart melting.  I provide the experience of the wisdom from my journey.  What I would tell myself, based on what I know now.  Find strength and hope in my journey. How to hold onto your current confidence, and not lose yourself.  Skill sets to not let life rock your world.   

Often these life transitions/events provide us the power or catalyst which enables us to “lose yourself, to find yourself.”