Trust your intuition

Last week on the blog I talked about the roadblocks to intuition.  I dove into the all of the reasons that we don’t listen when we are getting signs from the universe to listen and wake up. 

My belief is that by being aware of the potential roadblocks and/or why we rationalize not listening to our intuition, we can then more freely go with our gut instincts.  This way, instead of asking ourselves “why” is my intuition telling me this, we can simply respect it and honor it in the moment, even when we do not understand it. 

I still wobble and question my intuition.  I assure you I am not perfect, but I am getting better at listening to it than in the past. 


I’ve learned to accept that I do not need to know “why” my intuition is telling me something in order to listen to it.  I believe that intuition and gut instincts are a gift that needs to be honored and trusted. To me, our intuition is a way we are guided by a higher power.  If it is telling me to stop or listen, I’m going to do it.  Plain and simple.

One of my favorite ways to tap into my intuition and higher guidance system is to listen to Abraham Hicks videos while I walk on my favorite nature trail.  I always come away feeling lighter and more in tune with myself.

She has a simple quote that tells us all we need to know about intuition.

“When something feels off, it is.”  – Abraham Hicks

Therefore, the first step to increasing your intuition is to trust it and accept it without the understanding.

For example, I’m not a super sleuth but there have been several times during my divorce proceedings that I knew the banking documentation that my ex provided was off.  I just knew in my gut that something was not right.  Could I prove every piece in that instant?  No.  That is ok. 

If we allow it, the understanding aspect comes later when we are ready.  It always does.

It is okay to not understand why when your intuition is speaking to you.

One of the simplest ways to connect to your intuition is to show up for yourself each day and connect to your inner being/ your soul.  This might sound a little “out there”, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or “woo woo”. 

Here are my recommendations:

Sitting in meditation can be hard for a lot of people, myself included, but I urge you to find 3-5 minutes to sit in silence.  That can be enough.  It’s more about disconnecting from all the noise of life so you can hear what your soul is telling you.

This silence brings you to a state of peace.  It tunes you into yourself, so that you listen to YOU and you trust yourself.

Another great way to connect to your self is to get outside in nature. As I mentioned earlier, my favorite way to connect is to be outside in the fresh air, preferably walking and absorbing the beauty of nature around me.  Movement combined with nature always elevates my soul connection. 

A 15 minute walk on my local nature trail does wonders. However, the time needed for the short drive and walk is not always possible.

In those instances, simply getting outside and sitting in the sunshine works well too.

Do you have a place outside at your home that you can sit for a few minutes? A porch or deck or front stoop? What about at work?  Can you go for a quick walk at lunchtime or on a break?  Even just around the parking lot is helpful! 

When I need a refresh, but don’t have the time for the walk, I will sit outside on my deck for a few minutes and just breathe in the fresh air and take in the sunshine, or clouds! 

Imagine if we took time outside each day as part of a daily practice! I think we would be so much more connected to ourselves.

Another great way to tap into your intuition is to use it on the daily for ordinary choices.  We make choices constantly all day long, from what to wear to what to eat.  I bet you didn’t think this could be an opportunity to use your intuition.

When you switch the questions to “What do I feel like wearing? What do I feel like eating?”,  you bring in the emotion and connect to your intuition, rather than simply making a mundane choice.

Another great way to hone your intuition is to ask yourself, “Does this feel light or heavy?”

This question comes back to how you want to feel. 

Choose light.  Light = Good and right.

Finally, the more you trust your intuition, the easier and more natural it becomes for you. 

Let me know in the comments below how you connect to yourself and increase your intuition!

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