The power of the “I am” statement

In last week’s blog post, we talked about reframing our beliefs to help serve us in living a purposeful life.  Today, we discuss how to take those reframed beliefs a step further by turning them into life vision affirmations.

One of the best practices that can help shift your beliefs and live on purpose is to write “I am” statements. How do I know this to be true? Simple, it worked for me!

You may not realize it, but the words “I am” contain so much power and truth.

You can either increase the power positivity or negatively.  For example, if you use negative self-talk saying, “I am ugly…I am terrible at this…I am unhappy…I am not good enough…”, how do you think you are going to feel?   Not so good, right?

Remember, we have the choice in how we use the words “I am.”

You can use positive self-talk and say, “I am awesome! I am fearless! I am successful!”  Using “I am” statements in a positive manner will change your perspective and your life…literally.  Our thoughts and words shape our beliefs, and ultimately form our reality. 

I have experienced firsthand how the “I am” statements can shift reality. By repeating the “I am” affirmations, it brings that belief to the forefront of your mind and you start to take action without even realizing it. 

One of the early exercises my mentor had me do was write out a series of “I am” statements to upgrade my beliefs, and create the positive shift to what I wanted in my life. The first time I did this exercise was back in August 2017.

Here are 2 of my original statements.

  1. I am a homeowner who dwells in a safe, peaceful, and harmonious household.
  2. I am a healthy body that moves daily and is fueled for optimal energy and mental clarity.

My mentor then encouraged me to record the “I ams” on my phone and recite them several times a day along with the recording.

I didn’t realize that one should update their statements every few months, as the shifts do happen and you need to make room for more abundance. About a year later, I was still doing my same “I am” statements and had a huge “Ah ha” moment, as these things had already happened.

I remember saying to myself in the car, “Oh my gosh!  All of these things have happened or are starting to happen.”

I had moved out of my parent’s house into my own home, and was in great shape.  These were two physical visible shifts to my reality.

Once I realized this I updated my “I am” statements, and now try to update more regularly.

Here are some other examples of my “I am” statements:

If you know me, or even a bit about me, you know that these have happened, or are in motion!

Reciting these “I ams” daily brings me energy, facilitates a positive mindset, and is a great focus on how I want to live my life.

I typically do my “I ams” while I am driving in the car.  It takes just a few minutes, and is often the perfect mood boost after dropping my kids off at school every morning.

I am truly in awe of the impact of this practice and how it has shifted my beliefs and facilitated positive changes in my life.  It is amazing to see these thoughts and beliefs become reality. 

Once we shift our beliefs and declare our desires, we naturally start taking action that is aligned with our purpose–it is a natural progression.

Step by step, you move forward without even realizing you are marching forward in the right direction.

To make your list of “I am” statements, think about these things:

Write out your “I am” statements to live life on purpose. Then, record yourself on your phone reciting your statements. Repeat several times a day.

Let me know in the comments how you feel after reciting your “I am” statements, and what shifts occur in your life!

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