Trusting yourself leads to healing

As I said in last week’s post, paying attention to our feelings is the first step in countering the human tendency to numb, distract, and not trust ourselves. 

The next step is learning to trust yourself and the innate intuition inside you.

Have you ever made a decision based on your “gut” feelings?  I’ve talked about “trusting your gut” in the past on this blog post.

I truly believe that our “gut” never lies to us.  It’s our body’s way of telling us what to do.  It lets us know if a decision is right or wrong or needs more investigating.  Others may think you are being risky, but deep down we always know and have a sense of how something feels.

So, how do you develop this intuitive “gut” feeling?

Asking yourself, “How does this feel?” is one of the most important questions you can ask when making a decision. 

One way is to start small with simple every day decisions, such as “do I want eggs or pancakes for breakfast?”  Pick one, and if you internally feel “No…I’d rather have the other”, there’s your answer.  Little exercises like this will help you become more aware of your intuition and gut instincts.

Interestingly, any time I have made a big purchase on my own such as a home or car, it always felt right.  I didn’t have to weigh the decision, I just knew right away.  With both of the homes I purchased, I made the offer on the first showing while I was still inside the home.  They both felt like safe places I could see myself living with room for growth and expansion.

My parents couldn’t believe I put an offer on a condo when I was 24 years old without consulting them.  I understood their perspective– I didn’t know anything about home ownership.  I just knew I was tired of paying rent, and knew that I could have a mortgage for a similar amount to my rent.  After a DIY kitchen remodel and a bit of painting, I sold my place 2 years later without a realtor for a $50,000 profit.  This did have a lot to do with timing and the housing market, but if I had not trusted myself that abundance would not have come my way. 

Now the family joke is that after my father helps me with home improvements, I end up moving out shortly thereafter…hahaha. 

When we are able to tune out the “noise” in our life and minimize distractions, we are better able to tap into our intuition.

Take an inventory of how you spend your time each day.  How many hours are you on social media? How much TV are you watching? Are you playing online games?

I’m not saying you should give up these things.  That is not realistic, and yes, sometimes we do just need to Netflix and chill. 

Instead, evaluate how much time you are spending and determine if it is truly serving you.  If it is excessive, start to set limits.  Ask yourself if the activity gets you closer or further from your goals.  When we are less distracted, we can be more focused on what is going on around us. 

Distractions are not just media.  You might be getting “noise” in the form of others opinions and thoughts.

I think it is funny how people always like to tell you “how” to do something or what is best.  It is human nature to share what works for oneself, but often these come in the form of unsolicited comments and advice.

Talk to any pregnant woman and she will have a story about the random advice people feel compelled to give!

If you constantly worry over or absorb other people’s opinions, it is difficult to listen to, or even develop, your own.  Blocking out the excess distractions and noise will allow you to hone that “gut” instinct.   

Our awareness and trust in our own self lets us to see our own patterns, and make better choices. 

Also, you’ll be more likely to recognize the pain patterns around you.  You will have a better chance of recognizing a toxic relationship in your life, and such awareness gives you the ability to help those you love who might be hurting.

In the comments below, tell me about a time that you followed your “gut” instinct successfully!

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