Let Go to Let in

After any life transition, it can be extremely hard to accept the changes that are now your new normal.

Even without a major life transition, we all have events in life that change our day to day reality.  For example, life becomes very different that day when all of the kids are finally in school for a mom, or the day all of the children are out of the house and in college.

My own life has been filled with major transitions.  Moving internationally 3 times, going through a divorce, and my son being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have all shifted my reality. 

In 2010, my family moved to Bermuda.  If you have visited Bermuda, you know it is a gorgeous island with warm and friendly people.  We lived in a great neighborhood filled with children.  However, I remember that during the first nine months I second-guessed the move, and did not fully immerse myself.  I was resistant to my new living environment.

It takes time to accept changes and let go of the old ways or your old reality.  When you have a baby, they always say, “9 months in, and 9 months out,” because it truly can take that long to adjust to your  new normal. 

Part of this process of accepting change is to “let it go.”  Let go of the past, let go of what once was, and embrace the now.

This is hard, but doable when we change our mindset.  If we can look at our new situation as an opportunity instead of an obstacle, we open ourselves up to something greater.

Even though it was my decision, accepting that my marriage was over and all of the real changes that came along with it has been difficult.

I am truly blessed that I was able to be a stay-at-home mom and care for my children during their younger years.  If I’m honest, I still want to be there for them 100%.  I did do everything, and still do a lot today. 

I had the mindset that if I wasn’t a stay-at-home mom, I couldn’t be the best mom for my children.  To make things work after my divorce, I had to change this viewpoint.  I now have an alternative perspective. 

I am able to teach them many important life lessons through this new journey.

When you love yourself, you can love others.

You can chase your dreams and follow your passions at any age.

Mom is strong and resilient.  She is fun. 

Every day does not have to be stressful.

Everything you need is within you. 

You are stronger than you know.

Holding on to the old ways and resisting change may feel comfortable, but it actually creates more stress and tension.  It also limits your potential.

Your opportunities are limitless, when you are open to them. 

Let go to let in.

When we come to peace with the fact that aspects of our “old” life that we loved and enjoyed are now over, we can now close the door to that chapter of our lives.

Try this journaling exercise:

Write down everything that you loved about the old life.  What brought you joy? What made you smile and laugh? What are your favorite memories? How did you feel fulfilled?

I know this might be difficult, but I truly believe there is always something good to be found amongst the chaos.  Perhaps a silver lining.  Even though you may of had to deal with a lot of crap, if you dig a bit you will find something you appreciated from your past.

Trust me.

Reflect on those times and write them down with gratitude for the experiences.  Feel blessed knowing that there was some beauty in the past. 

Your past is prepping you for your future.

After you complete the journaling exercise, take a few minutes to day dream and visualize what this next chapter in life might hold for you.

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? How do you want to live each day?

Your potential is limitless. 

What do you see in your next chapter?  Let me know in the comments!

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