How I sold my engagement ring

No ring needed!

I had been contemplating selling my engagement ring for a few months now, but had not taken any action. 

Then last night, I went onto Pinterest…and boom….there it was “Should you sell your engagement ring after your divorce? (Yes! And here’s how…).”  I guess that is why these devices are called “smart.”  I was on Pinterest to look up a recipe…

It was time to take action, as calling the jewelry store had been on my to-do list for 3 weeks now!  Procrastination…oh yes!

Why had I not called my jeweler?  I have been quite busy, but honestly I could have carved out 10 minutes for a phone call.   

I think I had some feelings of embarrassment.  The jeweler where the ring was bought is a family owned business and I had developed a relationship with the staff, stopping in from time to time for a cleaning and making other purchases over the years as well.  They know me and my ex and I suppose I thought they would be disappointed that we are divorced.  Plus, I didn’t want to hear the “I’m so sorry…blah blah blah.” 

Then I thought, “why am I caring what they think?”   That is just ridiculous and fear based, and I was letting it hold me back from taking a critical step. 

My inner self talk took charge, “Come on Christina, just bite the bullet and make the call.” 

Unfortunately, they were closed today!

The Pinterest article talked about a website called where you partner with the company who auctions your jewelry.

So I went online, filled out their form, and a few hours later I am talking with a customer service rep about my ring. 

This seemed like a no brainer as this what the company does day in and day out.  No personal connection, why not?

It was a pleasant experience, and a good first homework step in getting my ring sold and moving on.

I had all of my paperwork on the diamond, so it was very easy for them to give me an estimated value. 

I still wanted to check with my jeweler, so I said I would think about it. 

The next day, I picked up the phone and called my jeweler.  Bill did say, “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.”  However, I had been making it more of a big deal out of it in my head. 

He told me that they normally do not buy back diamonds that they sell, but that he would see what he could do and that he would call me back the next day.  Awesome!  I was taking action and getting things done. 

He called me back the next day with a dollar amount pretty close to what said I could get.  This was pretty good, considering if you accept the auction bid on worthy, they get a 15% commission.

My final homework step was to check out a local jeweler, because mine is in a different state. 

I went to the local jeweler and they were so nice and down to earth.  I was clearly not the first woman coming to them selling the divorce diamond! 

Initially they offered me about $750 less than my out of state jeweler, but he said he could always ask the owner if he would match my jeweler’s price.   

A few minutes later, the owner walked in.

He had a look at it, made some phone calls, then 10 minutes later they were matching the price!

I was thrilled.  Then I hesitated, as it all felt real in that moment.  I needed a few minutes to think it through. 

I had no desire to wear it again in ring form or any other. 

Did I want to save it for my daughter?  Make it into a piece of jewelry for her?  She is only 11…and that just seemed too far off.   

Could I use the money?  Definitely. 

So I slipped it on my finger…took a photo of it.  Then promptly took it off and said, “Sold, let’s do it.” 

Ten minutes later, I was walking out of there with a nice check!

It all just felt right for me.  I left feeling liberated and free.  Like the new and true Christina.  I was completely at peace and happy with my decision. 

As with anything, asking yourself “How does this feel?” is a critical question.  When the answer is “I feel at peace with it,” you know you are making the right decision. 

Use your own inner knowledge and when you feel peaceful about a choice, move forward. 

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  1. JP says:

    Good for you! Happy that you went ahead with it 🙂

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