I am worthy, and so are you!

I am worthy, and so are you!

Yesterday in my morning meditation, the word “worthy” came up and permeated my day.  It was like being surrounded in a cloud of reassurance that stated, “Yes Christina, you are worthy of it all…everything your heart desires”.

It got me thinking a bit about how for a long time, I must not have really believed I was worthy.  When I got married I gave up my career, had children, and moved all over the world for my ex’s career.  At the time, I was happy with these decisions but I ended up giving up my personal power along the way.   

It happened so effortlessly that I didn’t even realize I gave up my personal power.  Without this personal power, I did not have a good sense of worthiness. 

I remember thinking, “I’m not happy in my marriage, but I guess this is what I signed up for, what can  I do?” 

I accepted bad behaviors, such as my ex working insane hours and minimally helping with the children.  Once again, I had thoughts such as, “I’m a stay at home mom….this just is what it is, I guess.” 

I threw myself into mothering and caring for the home, which didn’t leave me much time for me and I was completely stressed out all of the time.

I wasn’t happy with who I was or the life I was living.  I didn’t truly love myself.    

Today I sing a different tune.   

About 6 months after I left my marriage, I had the opportunity to study emotional intelligence with an expert who specializes in human potential. 

I had gone to a conference at my alma mater, St. Joseph’s University, entitled “What Women Want”.  As I had no clue what I wanted, I thought maybe this would help me out.  Little did I know this would be a life changing, pivotal event in my story—the start of my healing and the catalyst for an abundant future. 

The keynote speaker for the event was Jen Groover, an author, international speaker, & serial entrepreneur.  I clung to her every word…everything she said resonated with me. 

During the event, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a fellow alumna, Julie.   As you know, I believe absolutely everything in life happens for a reason.  Julie just happened to be taking a course with our amazing speaker!

I didn’t have a business card to exchange with Julie, but she gave me hers.  The next day I emailed her asking for Jen’s contact details, as I had to learn more.

Once I started working with Jen and learning about emotional intelligence, I was able to process the trauma of my broken marriage.  Increasing my emotional intelligence helped me learn that grieving was normal and necessary to begin the healing process. 

Then something magical happened.  I began loving myself and valuing myself. 

I was grateful for all of the goodness in my life.  I was even grateful for all the “bad” stuff, as it helped me learn and grow. 

I gained wisdom and insight. 

I upgraded my beliefs.

I was able to change my perspective on my situation and look at it as an opportunity and not an obstacle. 

Life became good again. 

I was happy and joyful. 

I started to feel like me again.  That confident and strong woman from my early 20s was still there.   And she was ready to come back even more empowered.

And best of all, I truly believed I was worthy of this….in fact we all are worthy of joy and abundance in life.  We are meant for it.

I knew from that point on, I would never resign myself to less than the best.

You are worthy of it ALL.

Don’t settle for less. 

Embrace the wisdom from your situation.

Learn, heal, and grow.

Upgrade your beliefs.

Take Inspired Action.

You are worthy.   

Yes, you are worthy.

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  1. Rose Abella says:

    Thank you for this!

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