Trust Your Gut

You know when you get that feeling down low in your stomach that says…. “Something just isn’t quite right.” 

That, my friend, is your “gut” talking to you.   

Now, the trick is to not ignore it, really listen to it, and take the necessary action. 

Maybe it is saying, “He is lying to me”, or “This info doesn’t jive”, or “Leave now!”   

Pay attention, listen carefully, ask questions, and take action.  If you have to pause, take a bathroom break and have a little conversation with yourself and your gut.   That’s ok.  Take your time.

I think we all need to embrace our gut, and I don’t mean eat more pasta!   

When we listen to our gut, we usually make a correct assessment of the situation and will take action with our personal best interest at heart. 

I find that those times when I have listened to my gut, my intuition was 100% spot on.

For example, a few months into my separation my ex updated me with some banking information.   My gut said to me, “something doesn’t add up”.   I questioned, he insisted all was good and correct, the conversation got heated, my trust disintegrated a bit more and although I didn’t have an answer at the moment, I just knew something was off. About 2 months later, I got my answer…the data I was given, although partially correct, was cut and pasted together to leave out the transactions details, which just happened to tell the whole story.

It’s ok if we don’t know why we have that feeling in our gut right away.  You will know that “why” in time.  You will.  Be ok with not knowing at this moment.  The answers will come to light.  Trust that there is a perfect plan just for you and that everything happens for a reason.  Everything is always working out as it should. 

And if there is a time that you decide not to listen to your gut, be ok with that decision.  Don’t beat yourself up if you made a mistake. Nobody gets it right every time.  Use it as a learning experience.  Reflect.  Gain wisdom from the situation. Heal.  Learn.  And you will grow!

Each and every one of us has this innate intuition called a gut instinct.  Listen and Trust!

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