Take meaningful, positive steps towards a better life.

Confidence Coach And Mindset Mentor

When life deals you with a bad hand, it’s important to remember that you are the one in control and can change your outcome.
Christina coaches women - empowering them to emerge confidently from life transitions. She believes every situation contains wisdom, and is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Her own life obstacles have enabled her to grow, learn, and
transform her truth. Meet Christina


Is this you

Are you hurt and in pain from life events? Have you been feeling like you're not in the drivers seat of of your own life...

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From my personal life experiences and dedicated personal development work, I help guide you to confidently pull your true self to the forefront.

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Together we will work through your pain, increase and develop your emotional intelligence, and bring your dreams, passion, and purpose to life...

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Christina’s adult life has been filled with multiple major transitions. She can share with you how along the way she lost her sense of self, but then found the confident and empowered woman she left behind from her early 20s. Christina hopes to bring you inspiration and strength by sharing her experiences and what she has learned on her journey.
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